Although there are studies out there revealing the positive advantages of having an occasional glass of wine, too much alcohol can also cause serious health effects to your body. As part of managing risk, your insurer will consider your drinking habits when quoting your insurance premiums for life or automobile insurance.
With a lot of research done on the subject, heavy drinking is now proven to be one of leading cause of deaths in the USA. Chronic conditions that can be brought about as a result of serious alcohol abuse include heart problems, dementia, stroke, depression, liver disease and stomach problems.
You probably know all the negative effects too much alcohol can has on the body. However, in this article, we will focus on how a heavy drinking lifestyle can affect your insurance premiums. You might be asking yourself by now, how much alcohol is too much alcohol when it comes to insurance premiums? Well, most insurance companies would want to distinguish between an occasional drinker and someone with a relatively serious drinking problem.
Your life insurance policy/premium can be affected by heavy alcohol use since long-term alcohol use is dangerous for your health and will reduce your life expectancy. Factors that insurers consider when it comes to alcohol abuse include,
Alcohol-related condition such as liver damage
Attendance to rehabs or other alcohol treatment centers

Not only that but any Driving Under the Influence convictions on your driving record will also be taken into consideration by your insurer. If you are looking to get an automobile insurance, heavy drinking habits increase your risk of being involved in an accident since alcohol causes reduced concentration while on the road.
In most cases, your alcohol use is usually indicated in your medical history by your doctor. Even if he/she doesn’t include it, a blood test showing abnormal liver function may also suggest heavy drinking. Depending on how serious the situation is, your insurer may charge a high premium or even decline your application. If you have an alcohol problem, taking a recovery program may help your access better premiums for most insurance companies.
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