Insurance needs differ depending on age, and other factors such as having a family, etc. For this reason, it is important to know your needs each time you go shopping for an insurance policy. Auto insurance have many different coverage options such as,
Liability insurance – this type insurance protects other people when you are responsible for an accident. This includes paying medical bills, repair costs to damaged vehicles and property.
Collision insurance – this covers you in case of a collision even if you are the one at fault. In some states, getting a collision insurance is a requirement for getting a car loan.
Comprehensive insurance – this type of insurance also covers you in case of other kinds of damage. This can include things like car theft, falling objects, and natural disasters.
Regardless of the kind of car coverage you need, below are some of the info you will need to provide for a car insurance quote.
Vehicle information
Your insurance agent will ask a few details about your vehicle which are necessary to prepare an insurance quote for you. This include,
Car Make
Car Model
Year of Manufacture
Potentially the VIN#
Based on the performance rating of the car you wish to cover, your agent will determine the potential premium to be paid. Luxury cars such as Lamborghini will have a much higher premium than cheaper ones. The year of manufacture can also affect your premium as newer vehicles are considered less risky because they are made with newer and more reliable parts.
Other information you may need to provide include,
Body Type
Number of Doors
Chassis Number
Engine Number
Number of Cylinders
Number of Seats (Excluding Drivers Seat)
Although some of these details won’t affect your premium, but they will be required when filing an insurance claim. It is important to know and have all the necessary information to avoid having to put the process on hold as you get more details.
Driver details
To complete the puzzle, the final piece is your information. Your agent will record this information which could then be used to determine your premium. It is also important to be honest to avoid consequences of cheating or forgery. This information includes,
Age: generally standard premiums prices are given to people with ages between 25 and 60 which are considered “less risky.” Drivers outside this range could be given slightly higher premiums as most insurance companies consider them riskier.
Occupation: although minimal, professions may also affect your premium. This is especially true if you work as a driver cause continuous driving for a long time may increase your risk of causing an accident.
Experience: the amount of driving experience you have could also affect your premium value.
Driving History: your insurance agent will also check your driving record to obtain various details such as prior involvement n an accident, and other driving offenses. In general, the cleaner your driving record the less risk you pose to the insurer.
In some situation, your insurer may ask information about another person who will also be a frequent user of the car such as a spouse, etc.
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