Rodney Gills – a very athletic young man who always wanted to take care of his family and his mother. He was everyone’s favorite, and soon enough his attitude to serving the community led him to become a police officer. After doing a bit of research, he decided to purchase life insurance to ensure that his mom and children are taken care of even in his absence. His mom, Gerri Gilliam, always called on him while at work and he always answered: “mom, am on the job, I’ll call you back.” On September 11th, 2001, she called, and he never answered. Rodney died while doing what he loved the most – serving his community.
Life insurance is especially crucial for bread winners of every family. Since the emergence of life insurance companies on the market dating back to the mid-1800s, the promise of helping individuals to protect their loved ones by leaving behind some money for them to cover costs after they die, remains till today. Rodney’s mom was surprised when she received a call letting her know that his son included her as a beneficiary of the life insurance policy. She now had the funds she needed to provide a better life both herself and her grandchildren.

How to buy life insurance
You can buy life insurance policy,
Directly from an insurance company
Through an independent local insurance agent,
Via an independent online broker.
It is important that you do your research before going out and purchasing an insurance policy. This will help you get better premiums although you should be careful and ensure that you are getting the coverage you need. At Kunevich and Lau we have qualified agents, that will speak with you and provide you the best coverage depending on your needs.
Information you need to get your quote
Your insurer would want to know about your medical history and results from the most recent medical exam. You will also need to complete a form about you on which you should provide accurate and honest information. The form will ask you thinks like Gender, age, weight, and whether you smoke, etc.
Select how much insurance you need (and for how long)
Here you’ll need to decide how much coverage you need and for how long. In most cases, you’ll want your policy to replace your income and provide for your loved ones when you die. This can also include your kid’s education, other expenses and even any debts you owe.

Business Partner’s Shares
Many Americans are involved in business partnerships but do not understand the vital role life insurance plays in such a partnership. You would need insurance for your business partner’s life. The reason is straightforward; If he/she dies, you will have enough money to buy his interest from his heirs and pay his share of the company’s obligations. Without such insurance, you might have to sell the business itself.
The need for life insurance increases at varying points of your life based on your financial responsibilities and dependencies. Life insurance plays a flexible, protective and valuable role in your long-term financial strategy.
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