Why do you need automobile insurance?
It is a legal requirement in the United States for every driver to have car insurance. Accidents do occur. Hence, it is reassuring to be covered financially if you get involved in one. If you are driving without an active car insurance policy, you may incur unplanned legal and financial charges. This may happen if you to cause an accident and injure yourself, passengers, other drivers, pedestrians or damage property. Having a good insurance policy will ensure that all medical and property damage costs are fully covered. In this article, we will explore reasons why you should get an automobile insurance.
To comply with state laws
Most states in the U.S have made automobile insurance a legal requirement. At a minimum, drivers are required to buy liability coverage for bodily injury and property damage. In case you have caused an accident that injures someone or damages their property, the liability coverage you paid in your insurance package may help pay for the victim’s medical expenses, repairs for their damaged property and the income they have lost as a result of their injury. Also, the coverage pays your legal fees if sued for causing the accident.
To satisfy lease or loan requirements
Your lender may require that you buy both collision and comprehensive coverage provided you are financing or leasing a vehicle. Since your vehicle’s lienholder is the lender or leasing agent, the two coverages may help to protect their investments. Either the comprehensive or the collision coverage may pay for the repair or replacement of the vehicle in case It get’s damaged or stolen.
Comprehensive insurance replaces or repairs your vehicle if it’s stolen or damaged in an accident which isn’t a collision. This includes damage from fire, vandalism or falling objects such as a tree or hail. If you have to finance or lease your car, your lender would likely require comprehensive coverage. On the other hand, collision coverage repairs or replaces your car when it is damaged in an accident involving another vehicle or object, for example, a fence or a tree. Collision coverage is always required by the lender when you’re leasing or financing your car.
Saves you unnecessary expense
Whenever you cause an accident, you may be automatically responsible for any associated costs related to the accident. Such costs include legal fees, the medical cost of the injured victim or the lost income compensation. Having a good insurance policy will save you these unwanted costs.
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